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Tax Credits

Is it right to take tax credit from low paid workers?

Nov 20, 2015
The Government wants to take tax credits away from low paid families who are in work.
Over 3 million families nationally will be affected by changes to tax credits losing an average of £1,300. In Hull 10,500 families with 18,300 children will be hit.
The changes are complex but include reducing the amount you earn before tax credit starts to be withdrawn. From 2016 anyone who earns over £12,125 will start to see tax credit fall; currently you must £16,105 before that happens.

18,300 Hull children in families hit by Tory Tax Credits cut

Sep 14, 2015 - Tags:
The House of Commons votes today on Tory Government plans to cut Tax Credits for working families.
Figures from Office of National Statistics show that these cuts will hit the incomes of 10,500 families with children in Hull – with a total of 18,300 children in these families.
In addition there will be 4,500 Hull households without children who will lose out from the Tax Credit cuts. 

New figures show David Cameron’s cuts to Tax Credits could hit three quarters of Hull North children

Jun 23, 2015 - Tags:
New figures from Labour show that 71% of families with children in Hull North could be hit be David Cameron’s Tax Credit cuts.
Three quarters of the constituency’s children – exactly 75% - are in households who currently receive tax credits.
The House of Commons figures also show that well over half of families in Hull North receiving Tax Credits are in work.
68% of Hull West and Hessle families receive tax credits, while two thirds of families in Hull East benefit from the payments. 
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