The Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review and what it means for Hull North

Comprehensive Spending Review Response

This week the Government presented the “Comprehensive Spending Review” (CSR), which outlines all Government spending for the next five years. This will have a big impact on Hull and so below I have outlined the major decisions made in the CSR and what this means for us.

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Hull MP responds to Penrose Report on the NHS contaminated blood scandal

As Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Haemophilia and Contaminated Blood, Hull North MP Diana Johnson made the speech below to the House of Commons in response to the Penrose Inquiry report's publication.

Diana Johnson: Thank you for granting the urgent question, Mr Speaker. I thank the Minister for her response.

More evidence of Hull NHS crisis

New figures show 713 bed days being wasted in Hull NHS, as delayed discharges reach an all-time high.

The latest official figures for January 2015 show a dramatic increase in the number of delayed discharges from hospitals in a further sign that the NHS is going backwards under the Tories and Lib Dems.
•    In Hull the number of wasted bed days has increased by 258%, with 713 bed days wasted, as many elderly people were left stuck in hospital. In August 2010 the figure was 199.

Hull MPs to meet Health Secretary over Hull NHS

Hull MPs are to meet the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt next Tuesday afternoon (13 January).

The meeting was arranged to discuss concerns over the former Hull NHS Chief Executive Phil Morley and allegations of a bullying culture in the NHS locally that were highlighted by the Care Quality Commission last year.

It also happens at a time when local A&E services appear to be deteriorating following the Government’s NHS reorganisation and MPs will be raising this issue too.