Diana reselected for Hull North

Diana at House of Commons

Diana Johnson has been overwhelmingly reselected by Hull North Labour Party members and affiliates to be Labour’s candidate in the constituency at the next General Election. In a democratic process that has been taking place this Autumn, the Hull North MP was backed by every participating Labour Party branch and affiliated organisation. This meant that the overall result was 100% in favour of reselecting the sitting MP as the Labour candidate.

Diana Johnson MP said: “It’s an honour to again be selected by Labour members and Labour Movement affiliates to contest Hull North for Labour at the next General Election. We can now focus on the work ahead.

“This result is another indication of the progress Labour has made since 2020 under Keir Starmer’s leadership - after having our worst General Election result since 1935 in 2019.

“Although there is much still to do and nothing can be taken for granted, Labour is back as a welcoming, credible and modern party of the mainstream - facing outwards to the needs and aspirations of working families and local communities.

“Most importantly, Labour can win again. Only then can we start repairing the damage done by the Tories and Lib Dems since 2010.

“As we await the General Election that the country so badly needs, I will be campaigning locally in Hull North and, as ever, fighting Hull’s corner at Westminster in tough times made so much worse when the Tory Government crashed the economy.

“Labour is getting ready to accept the responsibilities and challenges of government. In the months ahead, I look forward to contributing to Labour’s work on this so that a Labour government can give Hull the fair share of investment that, it is crystal clear, will never happen under the Tories.

“Labour’s mission is nothing less than giving Hull people their future back.”