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Public sector pay survey

To me, politics is about choices. The Government collects our money through taxation and then chooses how to spend it.

At a time when services like the NHS are in crisis, the Conservatives have chosen to cap the pay of public sector workers.

Research from the TUC suggests that by 2020 the pay cap will mean a pay cut of

- £3,288 for midwives

- £3,064 for teachers

- £2,656 for nurses

This is not a choice that I agree with. All of us depend to a greater or lesser extent on the services these people provide.

I want all Hull North workers, whether in the public or the private sector, to be paid fairly. The Government could do this by ending the pay cap of 1%. This would really help - in May inflation hit a 4 year high of 2.9%.

Despite what the Government tell us, there is an easy way to pay for this.

Currently we are in an odd situation where this government is going to spend £2.5 billion of our money giving the largest businesses another cut to their taxes. Corporation tax for the largest firms will have fallen from 28% in 2008 to 17% by 2020. I think we should spend just a small amount of this money on ending the pay cap for public sector workers instead.

I want small local businesses to pay lower rates of corporation tax than large multinationals, as they did under the last Labour Government. But the Tories have scrapped the lower rate for small firms, meaning most of their corporation tax cut has benefitted the largest businesses. What do you think? Let me know below.

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