New scheme tackles gun and knife crime - with cash seized from criminals

Hull North Labour MP Diana Johnson has welcomed the news that money seized from criminals is to be spent on working locally to tackle gun and knife crime.

Diana Johnson MP said: "Labour's policy of seizing the assets of criminals is paying off. Now some of this money can be used by local groups to help further reduce crime on our streets.

"A quarter of a million pounds of cash taken from convicted criminals is available for community organisations working to reduce crime as well as groups offering support to victims of crime.

"This is a real opportunity for local groups working to combat crime and the fear of crime. If groups in Hull feel they may be eligible for funding they should log on to as soon as possible for more information."

Home Office Minister Fiona Mactaggart, said:

"The money - seized from criminals - will be made available to groups working in the areas worst affected by gun and knife crime as part of the Government's drive to put the proceeds of crime back into communities. It will kick-start new initiatives and help ongoing local schemes such as sport and music activities to help young people break away from gang culture, as well as supporting mentoring projects and victims.

"The Connected Fund supports the invaluable work of local groups that are helping to tackle gun and knife crime in our communities. It can support young people at risk of being drawn into gun crime and gangs, work with schools and provide support for victims."