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MP highlights threat to Westbourne NHS Centre

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has launched a petition campaign highlighting the threat of closure to Westbourne NHS Centre in Hull North’s Avenue Ward.
This follows confirmation from the Chief Officer of Hull NHS that there is to be a Hull-wide estate review of NHS services – with public consultation promised.
However, the background to this review is pressure from the Tory Government for £328m in NHS cuts across the Humber, Coast and Vale region, in which Hull is located, over the next three years.
Diana Johnson MP said: “Local NHS senior management have confirmed to me that they are reviewing NHS centres in Hull in order to create, they say, more modern facilities. But we all know that they will be doing this against a backdrop of the Government-imposed pressure to find over £300m of cuts over the next few years in the overall services provided by the NHS in our region.
“Many local people in the HU5 area served by the Westbourne NHS Centre will be concerned that they will lose local service access that they have had for decades and by the possible overall loss of capacity in Hull NHS services that cuts will bring. This will put more pressure on NHS services elsewhere in Hull that survive the review.
“We are promised a proper consultation on these proposals, but first local people need to be made aware that plans are currently being made that could mean them having to travel further for NHS assistance.”
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