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Hull MP backs local bingo

Hull North MP Diana Johnson today backs local bingo with a visit to call numbers at Mecca Bingo in Hull North’s Clough Road.

The event, which officially launched the Bingo Association’s ‘Boost Bingo’ campaign, sees free games of bingo played in nearly 400 clubs around Britain.

The Boost Bingo campaign, calls on the Coalition Government to bring tax on bingo in line with other popular leisure pursuits. Most other gambling activities are taxed at 15%, but the bingo industry has been subjected to bingo duty at 20%. 

The Boost Bingo campaign is calling for the Government to lower the excessive tax burden, which they argue is preventing investment, modernisation and job creation.

A recent survey found 61% of British adults said they feel bingo clubs provide an important local service, and bring communities together.*

Diana Johnson MP said: “I’m delighted to visit Mecca Bingo in Hull North. I can understand why the Bingo Association is calling for a level playing field for gambling taxes and why they feel bingo is not treated fairly.

“Coalition Ministers argue that cutting Bingo Tax to the same rate as other gambling pursuits will take £30m out of their deficit reduction plans. This didn’t seem to be a concern when the Coalition spent £3bn cutting the 50p tax rate for millionaires.

“This Government frequently argues that lower taxes help growth and bring in more revenue, but they only seem to apply this idea to taxes that impact on the richest, rather than those that hit working people most.”

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