Don't let your child lose out!

Hull North MP Diana Johnson is organising a series of special advice surgeries to assist Hull North parents in making the most of the Government's Child Trust Fund.

Diana Johnson MP said: "I believe that all children in Hull North should have a stake in the future. That's why I was delighted when the Labour Government set up the Child Trust Fund, opposed by the Liberal Democrats, which gives every new baby a financial asset that will grow with them into a nest egg when they reach 18."

"Parents of young children across Hull will have had a Child Trust Fund voucher worth £250 through their letterbox. I want parents to set up a Child Trust Fund for their child as quickly as possible, as delaying starting up the account will mean your child's nest egg missing up to a year's growth. Don't let your child lose out!"

"Children in families with low incomes will get an extra £250 payment into their Child Trust Fund account. If you open an account the payment will be made directly into your baby's account -- even more of a reason to open one soon!"

The first of Diana Johnson MP's special advice surgeries on child trust fund accounts, and the choices that parents face, took place today (22 September) at the Lemon Tree Sure Start centre in Bransholme. Future ones will take place on:

30 September from 12 noon to 1pm at North Hull SureStart at the Macmillan Centre in 21st Avenue.

30 September, from 1.30pm to 2.30pm, at Newland Primary School, Newland Avenue.