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Diana Johnson MP Advice Surgeries for 2019

A message from Diana Johnson MP 


If you wish to contact me on a matter where you think I may be able to assist you, I hold regular advice surgeries around Hull North. 

For the convenience of constituents, most of these surgeries are held on an appointment-only basis.  

When you contact my office on 01482 319135 to arrange a timed appointment, they will ask you to complete an information sheet giving brief details of the issue you wish to discuss with me. This is to allow me to prepare and research any information that I need before I see you and enable my office to take up a matter on your behalf. Once the appointment is made we will advise you of the surgery location.

When possible, I also do open surgeries that do not require an appointment. I will list the times, dates and locations of any open surgeries below on this website page.

Once I have made representations on your behalf about an issue raised at an advice surgery, I will contact you again as soon as I receive any replies regarding your case.

The dates and times of my advice surgeries for 2019 are listed below. Please note that due to unpredictable Parliamentary business at Westminster, all surgery dates given may be subject to change due to events beyond my control. I will keep this list updated as further information emerges.

In the meantime please find a list of useful telephone numbers here.



  • Friday 18th – Appointment Surgery (2.30pm – 4pm)


  • Friday 15th -  Appointment Surgery (2.30pm – 4pm)


  • Friday 1st - Open Surgery on Orchard Park Anti-Social Behaviour, Orchard Centre (2pm-4pm)
  • Saturday 23rd - Open Surgery, Northpoint (11am -12.30pm)


  • Friday 5th -  Appointment Surgery (11am -12.30pm)
  • Friday 26th -  Appointment Surgery (3pm - 4.30pm)


  • Friday 17th - Appointment Surgery (2.45pm -4.15pm) 


  • Friday 7th - Appointment Surgery (2.15pm – 3.45pm)
  • Friday 21st - Appointment Surgery (11.30am – 1pm)


  • Friday 19th - Appointment Surgery (11am - 12.30pm)


  • Friday 13th - Appointment Surgery 
  • Wednesday 18th - Appointment Surgery


  • Friday 11th - Appointment Surgery


  • Friday 1st - Appointment Surgery
  • Friday 15th - Appointment Surgery


  • Friday 6th - Appointment Surgery


What an MP can and cannot do

 The main role of a Member of Parliament is to represent local constituents at Parliament in Westminster. As your MP, it is my duty to represent all the people in Hull North, whatever their diverse views about many different issues and whether they voted for me or not.

My main job in the House of Commons is to make and scrutinise legislation, attend debates and committees, and generally protect, advocate and promote the interests of Hull North at a national level.

I also have a role working for you in Hull North, supporting local community groups and publicising local issues.  As your local MP, I can help you on certain issues where you are having a problem, making representations on your behalf and ensuring that your case is clearly presented.

In general, I can help with issues over which Parliament, a central government department or agency is responsible. These include:

•Home Office, including Immigration and Nationality Directorate

•Defence and Foreign policy

•Department of Health (but not complaints about individual doctors)

•Department of Work and Pensions

•HM Revenue and Customs

Unfortunately, I am not able to solve every problem.  

I cannot obtain preferential treatment for you or seek to get results outside of the relevant laws or rules.



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