Access to dentistry

ICB dentistry

I have heard from far too many Hull North constituents who are unable to find an NHS dentist and are struggling to get the care they need.

The chronic underfunding of dentistry has caused a real crisis. Although I have been raising the issue of dentistry with the Government repeatedly over the past few years, we are yet to see the action needed.

I have long been running a campaign for a new Hull-York Dental School. It is clear to me that in the longer term, developing a dental school in Hull to train our own dentists and create a bigger network of NHS dental practices locally will be essential to solving the problems we face.

Yesterday I met with the Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, alongside Emma Hardy MP, to discuss how we can get better dentistry provision for our constituents. We discussed the possibility of a new dental school and other measures that might help to ease the crisis we have currently.