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July 2017

Public sector pay survey

Jul 28, 2017

To me, politics is about choices. The Government collects our money through taxation and then chooses how to spend it.

At a time when services like the NHS are in crisis, the Conservatives have chosen to cap the pay of public sector workers.

Research from the TUC suggests that by 2020 the pay cap will mean a pay cut of

- £3,288 for midwives

- £3,064 for teachers

- £2,656 for nurses

This is not a choice that I agree with. All of us depend to a greater or lesser extent on the services these people provide.

Hull MP renews call for inquiry into baby ashes scandal

Jul 27, 2017 - Tags:
Hull North MP Diana Johnson has responded to this week’s publication of Hull City Council’s internal review into the baby ashes scandal.
Diana Johnson MP said: “I am disappointed that Hull City Council are still denying the need for an independent inquiry into the baby ashes scandal in Hull. 
“I have never understood since first asking the Council to set an inquiry up in March 2015 why they refused - and continue to do so.

Diana wins battle for NHS Contaminated Blood inquiry

Jul 11, 2017 - Tags:
Diana Johnson MP has secured a UK-wide public inquiry into the NHS Contaminated Blood scandal.

Diana secures Emergency Commons Debate on Blood Scandal

Jul 10, 2017 - Tags:
Hull North MP Diana Johnson today secured an emergency House of Commons debate on the NHS Contamined Blood scandal.
This is to be held on 11 July.
The debate was granted after new evidence of possible criminal activity in the scandal that was recently highlighted by Labour Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham.