About Hull North

The Kingston upon Hull North Constituency was first created in 1950 and covers the northern part of the City of Hull, east and west of the River Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. 

The Parliamentary Constituency contains the former local government wards of King’s Park, Bransholme East, Bransholme West, Orchard Park and Greenwood, Beverley, University, Newland, Bricknell and Avenue.

The west of the Constituency includes the large housing estates of North Hull, Bricknell and Orchard Park; as well as the Newland, Sculcoates and Avenues areas. Beverley Road provides the central spine of Hull North as it enters the Constituency going north from the City Centre in Hull. 

The University of Hull is centrally located in Hull North and the areas off Cottingham Road, Beverley Road and Newland Avenue have a sizeable student population. 

The Constituency extends east of the River Hull to include the Bransholme housing estate and the newer housing, shopping and leisure developments of Kingswood.


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